Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jared learns a good lesson

One evening, Mini, Moni and Simy were spending some quiet time with each other talking about events that had happened lately in their lives.

“That was quite an adventure we had with the sharks” said Simy.

“Yes” agreed Mini “We put our lives in such a danger all because Jared wanted his pearl”.

“We should teach him a good lesson; one that will teach him to respect others lives” said Moni.

“That would be a lot of fun” said Mini smiling.

“I agree, but what can we do?? He is a crafty fellow. We’ll have to come up with a good plan to outwit him” said Simy.

The three of them sat for some time in silence thinking of a good plan.

Just then Tutella, the tortoise came back to her rock to retire for the night.

“What’s cooking??” said Tutella for she knew the three were up to something.

“We are thinking of an idea to teach Jared a good lesson” said Mini.

“Good. It’s about time he got one” said Tutella who did not like Jared at all.
“We should put his life in danger just as he did to ours” said Moni.

“Well, we had to face the sharks. How will we do the same to him?” asked Simy.

“I know” said Tutella “We’ll get the help of my good friend Roxy and his friends to scare Jared”.

“Wow” said all. “That’s a very good idea”.

Now, Roxy was a very good natured dolphin. But, because he was so big, the sea folks who did not know him well were scared of him and his friends just as they were scared of the whales and the sharks.

The next day, Mini and Moni went to meet Jared. 

“What do you want?” Jared asked.

“Well, we know how fond you are of fish eggs. So, we thought you might be interested in knowing that the bed near Simy’s cave is full of fish eggs”.

“Really?” asked Jared, his mouth watering at the thought of having a sumptuous meal of fish eggs.

“Yes, really. But you should hurry before somebody else gets to them”.

“Ok. I am off”. So saying, he started swimming quickly towards Simy’s cave.

Mini, Moni, Simy and Tutella followed behind him without his knowledge.

When Jared reached the spot, he started searching for the eggs here and there. Instead of the fish eggs, he found Roxy and his friend waiting for him. Jared was scared out of his wits.          
He jumped back in fright and started swimming away as fast as he could. Roxy and his friend chased him. They would come close to him and yap at him and try to bite him which would make him swim even harder to get away from them.
Roxy and his friend kept chasing him and chasing him until Jared could swim no more. He fell down panting on the ocean bed. As Roxy and his friend came up to him, he started crying and screaming. 

“Please don’t eat me, please don’t eat me” he begged.

Seeing him cry, Mini and Moni said “It is time to put an end to this show”.

Mini, Moni, Simy and Tutella swam to Roxy and said “You can stop now, Roxy. Thanks for your help”.

“My pleasure” said Roxy. “We had a lot of fun scaring him”.

“Oh yes, we did, indeed” agreed his friend.

And both laughed so much and so hard that Mini, Moni, Simy and Tutella could not help laughing too.  
Jared just looked around bewildered as he was not able to follow what was going on.

After all had laughed to their full, Mini said “Jared, do you remember how you made us risk our lives for a silly little pearl?”

“You sent us to the shark territory to get a black pearl for you in return for the small favor you had done to us” said Moni.

“That was very mean of you Jared. So we thought we should teach you a lesson that you will not forget for the rest of your lives” said Simy.

“A lesson that says you should respect others lives just as you respect and treasure yours” added Tutella.

“So now you must be having a fair idea of what we went through when we had to brave the sharks” said Mini.

Jared felt very ashamed of himself.

“I am really sorry. Please forgive me, Mini and Moni” he said. “It was very wrong of me to ask you to risk your lives and get the pearl for me”.        

Mini and Moni were happy that Jared realized his mistake and was apologizing for it. They forgave him readily and all went back to their respective spots in the ocean bed.

At the end of the day, Mini, Moni and Simy were happy that Jared will never again take anybody’s life for granted. Tutella and Roxy were happy they had helped to teach Jared this lesson. As for Jared, he was definitely more wise and humble that he was at the beginning of the day.

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